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Before or after a surgery

There are situations in life when even the simplest actions may be obstructed. Most of the surgical procedures are followed by a certain period of limited mobility for patients. In this case, one realizes that even the most basic steps of self-care are difficult to execute.

After surgery or hospitalization, it may become necessary to create a barrier-free bathroom.
This can be a time when we realise that our home is full of obstacles: stairs, bathtub with high sidewalls, an inappropriately placed bed, unsuitable or missing grab bars and slippery surfaces. These all make mobility and self-care even more difficult. If the intervention is predictable, you can pre-assess what problems will potentially arise when returning home, but in unexpected circumstances, we need to quickly consider how to make recovery time shorter and easier. Appropriate care must be taken before making our home more accessible before or after hospitalization.
During hospital visits before a medical procedure, medical staff rarely draw our attention to these problems and therefore a post-surgery recovery period at home may pose challenges.

Medical interventions can make it difficult to use the bath: e.g. hip or a knee replacement surgery, spinal surgery or even abdominal surgery may lead to limited mobility. Furthermore, all other musculoskeletal surgeries and other medical interventions may be a good reason to make your bathroom more accessible, since movement may become difficult or unstable.
In such a case, a bathroom reconstruction may provide a solution for several problems. Many people worry about the costs of such a procedure and the long conversion time.


You do not need to dismantle the bathroom, as in most cases a walk-in bathtub can be a great solution. The tub door is appropriate in almost every case and can be installed quickly and easily in every bathtub. The low entry-level provides safe accessibility both for patients and caregivers. You do not have to give up the pleasure of bathing because the waterproof door prevents leaks.
Our tub door, which is made of quality materials and manufactured with great expertise, provides a barrier-free bathroom, making self-care less challenging.

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