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Do you find it difficult to step in and out of your bathtub? We can convert your existing bathtub! 0208 089 0880
Nationwide installation

Do you find it difficult to step in and out of your bathtub? We can build a tub door into your existing bathtub! Making your life so much easier! Simply add a door to your existing bathtub! Enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing bath and hold onto your independence

UDOOR - Bathtub door

See how UDOOR works, watch the video

In just 1 day

Our professional team takes care of every detail. We complete the installation from start to finish in just 1 day and we won’t leave you to clean up after us.

5 Year Warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty for both the bathtub door and the installation.

For existing bathtubs

No matter what your bathtub is made of, whether it’s – plastic, cast iron and enamel or steel we have a solution for almost all types and shapes of baths.


We offer a cost-effective solution for a barrier-free bathroom so you don’t have to buy and install a new shower or bath. Avoid the unexpected costs associated with a wet room conversion.

We can convert your existing bathtub

We significantly reduce the step-in level to your bath

When you have a reduced ability to move around or walk, or if you are suffering from weakness due to an illness the high walls of your bathtub may be prevent you from entering your bath, while at the same time they also present a dangerous hazard. With our special solution we can convert your current bathtub into a walk-in bath. This allows you to save money, effort and the headache of weeks of renovation.

No mess, no fuss

Forget about the problems of converting your entire bathroom

Thanks to our professional team, you don’t need to worry about a complete transformation of your bathroom. You don’t need to go to the trouble of finding a new shower unit or bath or spend several weeks trying to find handyman. Avoid the trouble of the weeks of chaos, the unanticipated costs and the risks of having a new bathroom fitted.

100% watertight

We create multiple layers of special watertight sealing so there is no need to worry about leaks. The tub door opens inwards so flooding resulting from opening the door is physically impossible to occur. Should you live in an apartment complex, we ensure full security for your neighbours too.

Our experts

Our team members are proven professionals who are selected based on a set of strict ethical and professional criteria, and they work with the greatest level of empathy and care.

Prevent accidents

If the high walls of your bathtub are preventing you from entering your own bath safely you can think ahead and avoid future accidents. Hospitalisation and relying on nurses because of an accident could be prevented by creating an accessible bathroom.

No dirt and debris after the conversion

During installation we use specialist equipment to vacuum any dust created before it gets into the air and upon completion we thoroughly clean the whole area.

No deposit, no risk

We don’t require a deposit prior to installation. Payment is made after the work has been fully completed, so you know your investment is secure. Our deposit is mutual confidence.

Domestic product

The UDOOR tub door and its installation were designed by two creative and innovative experts. The manufacture of our door and its installation is carried out with the utmost care from start to finish.

We have a solution for almost every situation

What kind of bath do you have?

No matter what your bathtub is made of – cast iron with enamel or plastic, our door can be installed into almost all materials and shaped baths.
The front panel can be tiled, made of brick, concrete, plastic or even wood. The panel remains in place and we install a perfectly fitting, 100% watertight tub door into your existing bathtub.


“Don’t hesitate to contact our Call Centre or send us your questions in writing. We offer a no obligation quote by phone or e-mail.”

Fay Hanrahan – Branch director

+44 (0) 2 08 08 90 880

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Mrs Sprackling 19/06/21

I’m waiting for double hip replacement.
I have been struggling to access the in bath shower , in fact it has been torture!
Contacted UDoor and spoke to Fay who was extremely helpful and was offered a choice of appointments. Fay kept in touch throughout. A week later John came and fitted our door and a grab bar he arrived on time , he was very pleasant and respectful. The job he did was very neat and the bathroom was left in a spotless condition . I used the shower for the first time today and cannot express how easy it was and how safe I felt ! If every company was run like this one life would be much easier , cannot recommend highly enough .

Mrs. Gail Robertshaw 05/20/21

Today we have had our udoor fitted and I would like to say how pleased we are with the service
Louis was excellent got on with the job explained everything to us cleaned up after himself
I would certainly recommend the company
Once again thanks for good work

Mr Vibhaker Kishore Baxi 11/05/20

In our new build apartment we were stuck with a bathtub as it was already fitted to allow a change to accommodate the need for my 97 yr old mother. Alternatives required removing bathtub and replace it with a shower tray or a walk in bathtub. Both expensive options and risking voiding builder's warranty. Then I came upon the U-Door option and I must say it has worked out very well at a relatively less outrageous price. They have been proficient in follow up, their engineer seems very professional and finished the job without any fuss.

Terry Day 30/04/20

We had a udoor fitted in our bath. We were very pleased with the service provided the tradesman who fitted the door was very pleasant and professional we have used it for while now and very pleased with it my wife has been able to shower with no problems.

John Gray 30/04/20

First rate product & First rate service. For a person with mobility issues like myself it makes being able to shower easy again. Two options completely remodel the bathroom or fit a UDoor. No contest. Quality, Cost and speed of installation Would recommend to anyone.

Maureen Brett 08/11/19

Louis came last week and fitted our bathtub door He worked very effectively and left no mess. He was very friendly and polite and ran through the necessary forms explaining everything very clearly. He also demonstrated the workings of the door before input. I have to say it looks amazing and is brilliant in its effectiveness. I'm really pleased with it and it already makes my life so much easier. The company itself appears to be very professional and kept me updated on when they would attend and even rang me to see if I would like an earlier installation date following a cancellation as they were aware of my surgery date. Very impressed overall and would highly recommend. Many thanks

Geraldine Wall 17/10/19

A brilliant solution to mobility problems with bathing! Having a Udoor in my bath has given me easy access but kept all the usual shower/bath options for other users. The family firm was easy to contact, pleasant, friendly and efficient and Joseph who did the installation was courteous, kind and very professional. Much more affordable than replacing the bath with a shower, too. I would recommend this solution to mobility issues to anyone- it’s brilliant!

Kenneth Duckwort 26/06/19

This was a remarkable experience. Firstly, Fay was able to arrange the UDOOR installation on an exact date and kept me up to date on procedure. Secondly, Louis arrived on a chosen time and began work immediately and swiftly. I admired his application and the meticulous attention he gave to every aspect of the door installation and the care he gave to “ no mess, no fuss “ method of working. He is a very diligent and talented engineer. Thirdly, Iam extremely satisfied with the door and thank you on behalf of my wife, to whom the UDOOR will be a boon. Ken Duckworth. Rugby.

Ted 02/06/19

No Fear Bath Time My wife Susan had polio when she was a child and has a couple of tumbles getting in and out of the bath. Our experience of dealing with UDoor was first class. Fay was the point of contact and was great to deal with. Louis came to assess the bath and then came a couple of weeks later to fit the UDoor. We've been using the bath a few weeks now and Susan can face taking a bath without the fear of falling. Thanks UDoor.

Anne 09/04/19

The door is really high quality and the man who came and fitted it was really lovely. From start to finish they have been so friendly and professional. I still can't believe that it only took a few hours to do and now I won't ever get trapped in my bath again.