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A Simple, Quick And Easy Solution To My Problem Getting Into My Bath

A simple, quick and easy solution to my problem getting into my bath

What was it like for me to have my bath converted with UDOOR

I’ve been living with arthritis for about 10 years and it slowed me down but has never stopped me from living my life. I go to Tai Chi, I go for walks with my walking group and I love spending time with my grandsons and helping my daughter out where I can.

I found it was becoming difficult to lift my legs up and I needed a bit of help or extra time to do things like getting in and out of the car or get up from low chairs. It has also been getting more and more difficult to get into my bath to use my shower, but my knees and hips are not going to stop me from bathing.

After a fall I knew it had gotten to the point where I had to make a change. My daughter was worried about me having another accident and arranged a consultation to see if I could have a wetroom put in. The cost was phenomenal and it would mean getting rid of my bath which my husband was dead against.

A friend of mine told me about UDOOR and after I googled them, I called them up and got a quote in a few minutes which was about a quarter of the cost of getting a new wetroom. My cast iron bath in my little bathrooms was not a problem for them, they wouldn’t touch the tile work so no need for decorating afterwards!

I was told that it would only take a day to put in, they didn’t need any deposit and that I would get a warranty. I considered all my options and UDOOR was the best option for me, it was cheaper, quicker and easier than all my other options so I booked a date for an installation in 3 weeks time and over the next couple of weeks I sent them a photo, decided whether I wanted it to open to the left or right and took a couple of measurements of the internal depth and the outer edge.

On the day of the installation I received a call from the engineer letting me know he was nearby. He was very nice and very professional. He took me through the whole process and explained everything clearly: he would measure the bath carefully and then cut a section out of the bath using tools which would be a bit loud but would close the door and have a vacuum attached to it the cutting tool so it wouldn’t put any dust in the air. He would fit the UDOOR bathtub door and use a special adhesive which would take 24 hours to dry and put in some anti-slip coating that I had asked for and then make sure that the bathroom was clean and tidy afterwards, then he set to work.

I was a little worried about only having only one toilet in the house but he made time for me to use the bathroom if I needed to and made sure it was safe for me to enter. After he finished he left the bathroom in a very clean condition, I had no clearing up to do at all. He let me know the time I would be able to use the bath the next day. I was so excited to use my bath. It was so professionally put in and looks great. The lock is really simple to use, even with my arthritis.

I finally have easy access to the bath and shower and this wonderful invention has improved my life so much. I used to be quite scared of just entering the bath. I am very impressed with UDOOR and have already recommend them to all the ladies in my Tai Chi group. It was the best decision for me and I feel so much safer getting into my bath.

Thanks to the UDOOR bathtub door, you do not have to give up the pleasures of a relaxing bathe, as the waterproof door provides a secure solution. Since the tub door can be installed easily in most bathtubs, no expensive bathroom conversion is needed.
It can be installed quickly, so you can enjoy the comfort of your new, safe walk-in bathtub, typically right from the very next day. With appropriate decisions you can prepare for the future and prevent accidents, so bathing can be safe for every member of the family.

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