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How To Manage Arthritis During Summer

How to Manage Arthritis During Summer

Arthritis symptoms are usually less noticeable when the temperature is warmer, but some arthritis sufferers experience worsening symptoms in summer. If you suffer from arthritis you might experience increased inflammation leading to discomfort or pain and swelling from warmer temperatures, humidity and changes in atmospheric pressure. Here are a few ways you can relieve your arthritis pain in the summer months.

Stay Cool

The most obvious thing to do on those hot summer days is to try to stay cool. Use fans to keep your home cool and keep the windows open in the cooler hours of the day. Consider spending the hottest part of the day in a temperature controlled building such as the library, a relative’s home or a local community centre. Having a cool shower or bath can help you instantly cool you down if there is a heat wave.

Getting sunburnt easily? Check your medication for sun-sensitive side-effects

You might find that you were only outside briefly but you got sunburnt. It could be that one of your medications is causing photosensitivity. While we should all be careful in the sun, if you’re taking a drug that makes you sun-sensitive you will need to be extra careful. Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Wear long-sleeved light coloured shirts, and long pants.

Use Topical Treatments

If your symptoms are mild you may find relief from topical creams, ointments or gels. These creams tend to work best on joints that are close to the surface of the skin, such as the joints in the hands or knees. Products that contain capsaicin, an ingredient found in spicy peppers, effectively relieve arthritis pain, and reduce inflammation. Peppermint soap and body wash offers mild relief and has a cooling effect that is pleasant on warm days.

Low-Impact Activities

Low-impact exercise is great for people with all kinds of arthritis but depending on the kind of arthritis you may have you might require a tailored regime based on your doctor or physiotherapists’ recommendation. Swimming, cycling, tai chi, and walking will put your joints under less stress and can strengthen the muscles around the joints which helps to protect the joints themselves. If you experience an increase in joint pain, swelling or stiffness from certain exercises you might benefit from joining a group or club and exercise with people with similar conditions or fitness levels.

Drink More Water

Being adequately hydrated can keep your joints well lubricated. In hot weather this cushioning fluid can decrease when temperatures fluctuate or when a person is dehydrated. Drinking water is necessary for flushing toxins out of your body.

Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

During summer there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit and veg are packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals that can fight inflammation. Locally grown produce is generally fresher as it doesn’t have to travel as far so consider a trip to your local market.

Use Hot and Cold Packs

Consider using hot and cold packs to help relieve arthritis symptoms. You might want to think about using heat packs before exercising or doing an activity because heat treatments are great for soothing stiff joints and tired muscles. Heat enhances circulation, delivering nutrients to joints and muscles. After exercising use a cold pack. Cold can numb pain, decrease swelling, and block nerve impulses to the joint dulling the pain. Depending on the type of arthritis you have, you may find that a cooling ice pack may relieve swelling for you but for other people it may aggravate it so speak to your doctor about which treatment is appropriate for your symptoms to get the best relief.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salts are a rich source of magnesium and sulphate. When you soak in an Epsom salt bath these minerals are able to soak to help relax muscles, loosen stiff joints, reduce inflammation and the pain associated with arthritis. Adding Epsom salts to your bath could help reduce swelling.

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