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Making Your Bathroom A Safer Place

Making your bathroom a safer place

If you’ve ever had a slip or fall in your bathroom you might have become concerned about your own safety. There are some things you can do to ensure that your bathroom is a safer place without having to make any major changes.

Prevent slippery surfaces

The combination of shiny hard surfaces and water or soap can be dangerous if you are unsteady on your feet. Using non-slip mats or anti-slip coating on your bath will help. Make sure to allow any non-slip mats to dry properly to prevent mould.

Declutter your home

The longer we live in a place the more things we accumulate. Try to only keep the essentials around and put them in easy to reach places. One way to prevent slips and falls is to make sure we don’t have too much clutter in our homes.

Fit grab bars in areas where you need support

Grab bars are really useful if you need a bit of help getting up from a seated position. They are also useful if you get tired when standing for short periods of time.

Take it slow

Try not to rush. Taking it steady means you have time to look out for any dangers.

Get better access to your bath

Sometimes slips and falls happen because we can’t lift our legs up as high as we used to. If you have a bath and are having trouble lifting your legs over the side consider having a bathtub door fitted. It is a quick and easy way to convert your bath into a walk-in bath.


What UDOOR can do for you

UDOOR specialise in installing bathtub doors. We can add an alternative entrance to your bath with a lower step-in level. We are able to fit grab bars around the bath or shower and apply a non-slip coating to your bathtub to provide a better grip. We also provide bath boards which can provide seating in your bath.

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