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Patient care and safe bathing

When we are healthy we do not think of those unexpected circumstances which may make natural movements more difficult and complicated. Accidents, surgeries or other illnesses may unexpectedly occur which result in a need for help with self-care.

In these circumstances, it is not only the injured person but also the caregiver who is at a risk of suffering an accident. Therefore, it is important to manage risks and physical burden. It is important to avoid potential balance problems and to create a safe, easy way of bathing.
It might become very difficult to cross the high sidewall of the bathtub. Some injuries or complications may completely prevent us from performing this simple movement. When the entry level is reduced, it can be a great help for the caregiver as well as for the person who needs assistance when using the bathtub. In the case of some illnesses, bathing is indicated to have many advantages compared to having a shower; another good reason to consider this solution.

You do not need to convert your entire bathroom, as this may also have significant financial impacts. However, by converting your existing bathtub, you select a quick, simple and cost-effective solution.
You do not have to give up the pleasures of indulging yourself in a warm relaxing bath, as the tub door provides an effective way of entering your bathtub, while also being fully waterproof, meaning you do not have to worry about leakages. No matter what your bathtub is made of – enamel, cast iron, steel or plastic, our tub door can be installed in almost all types of bathtubs. The patient can once again enjoy self-care, yet an easier and safer position is provided for the person assisting them.

What advantages does installing the tub door offer during patient care?
• The continuity of the tub sidewall remains, meaning it will prevent water spills as before.
• The bathtub provides a good space for movement in contrast with the shower, which drastically reduces the available space.
• The seat placed in the bathtub provides a safe and comfortable space for motion.
• Installation is simple; it does not involve major reconstruction work and you will have the perfect solution in a very short time.

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