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Can You Put A Door Into A Bath With A Shower?

Can you put a door into a bath with a shower?

You like a having a shower and you like having a bath now and then. Why do you have to choose between a walk-in bath or a shower, when you can have both?

The majority of bathrooms in the UK don’t have space for both a bath and a separate shower enclosure. Some people opt to scrap their baths for a shower but many people prefer to still have the option of a bath so choose to have a shower bath to get the best of both worlds. If you’re struggling to enter and exit the bath then both functions may become unusable.

UDOOR has 8 years of experience fitting our doors into all different kinds of baths. Our bathtub door are less than 1/2 a meter wide, so it can fit into most shower baths.
L-shaped and P-shaped baths are very popular as they are designed specifically to provide more space for showering, we can put our door into both shaped baths.
Shower baths are designed to be inset into the corner of your bathroom with the taps, spout and shower in the end wall. We are able to put a bathtub door into the most convenient place for you to access your bath.

Bathtub door
If you are having trouble getting in and out of the bath and are thinking about your options for increasing accessibility it may seem like you have only 2 options: a new walk-in bath or a separate shower. If you already have a shower bath you don’t have to get rid of it. UDOOR can install a door into your bath.

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