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Do you find it difficult to step in and out of your bathtub? We can convert your existing bathtub! 0208 089 0880

Do you find it impossible to climb into and out of your bathtub?

We cut a hole into the sidewall of your existing bathtub and install a watertight door

You can simply walk in through a door in the sidewall. Thanks to our UDOOR™ tub door you can save enormous costs, effort and weeks of work converting your bathroom.
We cut a hole into the sidewall of your existing bathtub and install a watertight door, ensuring you your independence to safely use your own bath.

We have a solution for almost every situation

What kind of bathtub do you have?

No matter what your bathtub is made of – cast iron with enamel or plastic, the door can be installed into almost all materials and shaped bath.
The front panel can be tiled, made of brick, concrete, plastic or even wood. The panel remains in place, and we install a perfectly fitting, 100% watertight tub door into your existing bathtub.


Accuracy and precision

First-class quality

Each tub door is manufactured and produced with the utmost of care, taking into consideration the unique dimensions of your bathtub. The quality of the tub door and the installation is certified by the TÜV Examination Institute.
We also provide a 5 year warranty, both on the tub door and the installation. The UDOOR™ tub door’s patented door seal system is designed so you can enjoy the freedom, safety, comfort and convenience of bathing independently.

No mess, no fuss

Accident-free entry and exit

If you are facing mobility challenges, you may find it difficult to use your bathtub as imbalance may increase your risk of falls and accidents when getting into and out of the bathtub.
Recuperation after hospitalisation or recovery from a surgery may take a long time; in which case it is important to create a barrier-free living space.
Our professional team takes care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry about the mess and fuss of the conversion.

Bathtub door

Why choose us?

A sense of mission, solidarity and reliability

After an accident in our family, we began to think about ways to make it easier to use the bathtub for those with limited mobility. After years of careful design and hard work, the UDOOR™ tub door was created, which enables easy and safe bathing and self-care.
With several years of experience, we are proud and confident that our tubdoor will provide you or your family with a quality and safe solution.



“Don’t hesitate to contact our Call Centre or send us your questions in writing.
We offer a no obligation quote by phone or e-mail.”

Fay Hanrahan – Branch director

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