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Useful tools in the bathroom

Secure grab bars for getting in and out


It is important to have appropriate handles arranged near to and around the bath. The wall-mounted grab bar is useful for both climbing in and out of the tub, but imbalance and other mobility challenges may still cause a feeling of insecurity when using the bathtub. It is essential to prevent accidents, so we offer grab bars in various lengths with anti-slip, ribbed grip surfaces.
Before drilling and installation, we always check the condition of the walls in order to map plumbing, hardware, and electrical wiring beneath the surface. The tiles are not damaged during the installation. The grab bars are fixed at 6 points and then the screws are covered with appropriate caps. The grab bar is made of ABS secure materials to protect it from corrosion, which means that you can enjoy a safe and secure long-term solution.
Important advice: Choose ABS secure plastic grab bars to prevent accidents which may be due to corrosion!

Bath seat for comfort and easy self-care

If you have pain in your limbs or balance problems, it is essential to have an appropriate seat installed in the bathtub. Based on our many years of experience, we believe that a seat placed in the bathtub could be the most practical solution, as this means that you will neither have to sit down on the bottom of the bathtub, nor stand up from there; something which might be almost impossible at times. The seat can be easily fixed into the bathtub and may be removed from it at any time. It is easy to clean; water from its surface flows directly into the bathtub through the small holes (perforation) on it. It is stable and will not slip during use, as the inner surface adheres with rubber legs to the interior surface of the bathtub with a capacity of up to 150 kg.
Tip: During recovery time from a hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal or other surgeries, it is not recommendable to sit down too low. In such cases, a bath seat can provide a good and handy solution.

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