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Questions and answers for more information

In the past 8 years we have received many questions from our customers. We tried to collect our answers. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a tub door? What does UDOOR mean?

UDOOR means “universal door”. We cut a hole on your existing bathtub in which we install/build a waterproof door.

A tub door makes getting into and out of the bathtub easy and safe. You can also use it as a walk-in bathtub for showering and bathing.

Building the tub door takes only 1 day and it incurs less costs then throwing it away and buying a shower instead.

Can water leak after the installation? Can the bottom part of the bathtub and my neighbours downstairs suffer from leaking water? How safe is this procedure?

The UDOOR tub door is fully watertight thanks to its special sealing surface. The tub door is installed in many steps with a special material which ensures long-time stability and sealing. No water can flow under the bathtub, thanks to the massive fixing and the thick water-sealing layer, so neighbours do not need to worry about leaks. As water pressure works from inside and the tub door opens inwards, it is impossible for the door to accidentally open. The water pressure is strong enough to prevent accidental opening of the door.

The material of the tub door is heat-resistant, so it will not lose its shape and keeps its resistance to water. The water-resistance and safety of the tub doors is certified by the TÜV Examination Institute.

How does the tub door open? What determines the opening direction and the actual placement of the door?

The tub door always opens inwards; we can provide versions with a left or right hand opening direction as well. As water pressure works from inside and the tub door opens inwards, it is impossible for the door to accidentally open.  The site conditions – e.g. the basin, toilet, washing machine, tap, water heater, gas boiler, place of the seat, grab bars – determine the opening direction and placement of the tub door.

If you cut into the sidewall of the bathtub, will I be able to use it for showering only?

The bathtub keeps its dual functionality. The UDOOR tub door is a waterproof door, so you will be able to use your bathtub for both showering and bathing.

Can you install the UDOOR tub door into any type of bathtub?

We can install the door in 99% of the cases; be it an enamelled, cast iron, sheet metal or plastic (acrylic) bathtub. We will check all technical details of the bathtub’s material and shape via telephone before finalising your order.

My bathtub is old and worn, I would like to bring back its shine by re-polishing/re-enamelling it.

No problem. However, we recommend having it re-polished before starting the conversion. We suggest using the services of experienced professionals for re-polishing, so you can enjoy the result for many years.

My bathtub has been re-polished, is this a problem?

We can easily convert a recently re-polished bathtub. The bathtub is not damaged by the installation, as we protect the surface of it in multiple layers during the conversion. Thanks to our special procedure, the polishing of the bathtub will not be damaged, provided that the original enamel layer of the bathtub is in good condition.

Will the tiles be damaged or weakened during the conversion?

The bathtub and the walling or tiles will not be damaged during the conversion, as we protect your bathroom surfaces in multiple layers. Thanks to the special procedure, the enamel surface of the bathtub will not be damaged, provided the original enamel surface of the bathtub is in good condition. After implementing the tub door, your bathtub will remain stable and firm, thanks to our special installation procedure.

My bathtub has a plastic/wooden/plasterboard/sheet metal front panel. Can you still install the tub door?

Sure. First we need to assess how stable the front panel of your bathtub is. If it is well fixed and stable, the tub door can be built in without the need of replacing the front panel. Should the front panel need a replacement, we will add a thick, shiny acrylic front panel built into the front.

How long does the conversion take?

Installing takes 1 day and we will make sure no dust or dirt remains on the site. The bathtub can be used the next day, usually within 24 hours after the fixing time has elapsed.

How noisy is it to convert the bathtub?

We work with electronic tools which cause a certain level of noise during the conversion. We will, however, keep the bathroom door closed and do our best to cause as little inconvenience to the dwellers as possible. As conversion only takes one day, it means much less inconvenience than converting the entire bathroom.  In accordance with the appropriate rules of your apartment complex and/or for the sake of peace, we may ask for the neighbours’ patience by displaying an information sheet in the stairway before starting the construction work.

What is the tub door made of? Where is the tub door manufactured?

The material of the tub door is of first class material in both functional/technical and aesthetic aspects. It is made of a white, shiny, dense, artificial ceramic material which has a high level of heat-resistance and therefore will not lose its shape during hot baths. Furthermore, it remains fully waterproof and is made of UV-stable material, so it will not lose its original colour, even after many years of use. The tub door is manufactured in the European Union, and we manufacture and install it based on unique specifications using European labour.

The water-resistance and the safety profile is certified by the TÜV Examination Institute.

The drain pipe of the washing machine goes into the bathtub. Is this a problem?

There is no need to remove the drain pipe from the bathtub. The drain from the washing machine will not damage the tub door. We recommend, however, making sure you close the tub door every time you use the washing machine.

How easy is it to open and close the tub door?

During the design process of the tub door, an important aspect for us was that the door should be easy to use, so we wanted to provide a tub door which was simple to open and close. If you pull the lock sidewise, the tub doors open easily. In order to close the door, simply fold the door and the spring in the infringement will lock automatically. A red mark indicates if it has been closed correctly.

How can I clean the tub door?

The door’s surface is smooth and shiny, so it is simple to keep clean. However, we recommend gentle and regular care. For gentle care we recommend “skin caring” cleaning agents, a detergent or shampoo for degreasing. Having cleaned the door, it is recommended to wipe dry the wet surfaces, so you can enjoy the beauty and shine of your tub door for many years. This includes the cleaning of the bathtub too, as in our experience using strong cleaning agents for a long time can damage the enamel layer of the bathtub. We recommend avoiding the use of strong, corrosive, acidic or alkaline, chlorine granular cleaning agents. We always discuss in detail and hand over a written guidance to our customers about how to use and clean the product after the conversion.

How reliable are your colleagues working on site?

Our philosophy is that we want to provide quality, well organised team work and an appropriate level of empathy to each of our customers. This means that we take full responsibility for client satisfaction, for our team, and for the completed job. Our colleagues have many years of experience and great interpersonal skills. Our company obtained the TÜV Examination Institute’s quality standard certificate, which audits the manufacturing process. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we would like our customers to happily use the tub door.

How many years of warranty do you offer? What guarantees the quality of the work done?

We give 5 year’s warranty on the tub door. This covers the actual door and the installation as well. This does not mean that the tub door can be used for 5 years only, as these products were designed for long-term use. The tub door was tested at the TÜV Examination Institute for a cycle of 20 000 opening and closings. The tests included validating the sealing properties of the tub door, which was successfully certified. After installing the tub door, we will provide you with an appropriate invoice, a user guide and the warranty letter.

I would like to replace my old bathtub and have a new bathtub with a tub door. Is this possible?

We do not sell bathtubs. The reason being that new bathtubs have a pre-determined location for the tub door and a pre-set opening direction. A great advantage of the UDOOR tub doors is that the actual place of the tub door is selected on site, where we can also agree on the opening direction.

If you want to have a tub door installed into a new bathtub, the old bathtub needs to be removed and the new bathtub – made of sheet metal, plastic (acrylic) or cast iron – needs to be installed.

It is recommended to have the sidewalls created by bricking or tiling it up. There is no need to have an opening for the door be left out, as precision cutting and fixing is done on site.

My bathtub has a specially shaped built-in bathtub with an elbow rest. Can you still install the door?

The inner part of the tub door is designed to match the inner form of your bathtub, so it will perfectly fit into your bathtub. This is like customizing your tub door – our experts will shape the tub door to fit into your bathtub, therefore the end result will look as if the tub door was built in originally.

The door will not affect the use of the bathtub. There will be no bumps, sharp edges or cuts which may interfere with convenient use.

The sidewall of the bathtub is not straight, there are some extraordinary corners and parts, or a special built-in bath step. How can you still install the door?

Our experienced colleagues will initially assess the technical conditions. In most cases no further reconstruction, extra conversion or bricking is needed, but should your conditions require any additional work to be done, we will do our best to complete all steps (static support, tiling, pointing) to the highest degree of quality. If replacement tiles are available, we can use those for the reconstruction. However, in lack of the same type of tiles, we will cover the opening on the bathtub wall with white tiles.

Can you also implement it for sitting bathtubs, corner and/or hydro massage bathtubs?

Installation always depends on the actual size and geometrics of your existing bathtub. In order to have an accurate assessment, please call us.

How high will be the entry level after the conversion?

When installing your tub door, we aim to keep the entry level as low as possible. In order to achieve this, we manufacture the tub door to match the depth of your bathtub.

The entry level is determined by two factors: one is the height of the upper sidewall of the bathtub measured from the floor, the other is the inner depth of the bathtub. The difference of these two figures provide the height of the bathtub’s bottom part. More important is the height of the bottom part, as the user should be able to step up to this point when using the bathtub. We can determine the accurate entry level before placing your order.

Why is the tub door more useful than a shower?

As we make entry more easy by providing a low entry height, your bathtub can be used as a shower. You won’t lose the functionality of your bathtub, you will be able to use it for bathing as well. This is important, as other members of the family can continue to use the bathtub.

Conversion is done in just a day or two, and you will have ample space in the bathtub to place your seat into it.

If you want to provide help to a relative who has limited mobility or has age-related problems, you can have easy contact with them without getting wet, thanks to the continuity of the bathtub sidewall and proper water drainage.

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