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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past decades we’ve received many questions from our customers. We’ve tried to collect the most common questions and answers in one place to help you find the answer to your question. If you have additional questions, please get in touch with our helpful team.

What does UDOOR mean? What is a bathtub door?

UDOOR is short for “universal door”. We remove a section of your bath and fit a door which reduced the step-in level of your bath and can help you get into and out of the bath easier.
Fitting the bathtub door takes only 1 day and it costs less than removing your bath and having a shower cubicle fitted instead.

Can I fill my bath with water after the UDOOR is installed?

Yes, the UDOOR is 100% watertight.

Will the door leak after the installation?

The UDOOR Bathtub door is fully watertight thanks to its special sealed surface. The door is installed in many steps with a special material which ensures long lasting stability and sealing. No water can flow under the bathtub, thanks to the strong fixtures and the thick water-sealing layer.
The material of the bathtub door is heat-resistant, so it will not lose its shape and keeps its resistance to water. The water-resistance and safety of the bathtub doors is certified by the TÜV Examination Institute.

How high will the entry level be after the conversion?

The step-in level will depend on the height the bath was originally fitted and will differ from bath to bath. We aim to fit the UDOOR Bathtub door at the lowest point of the bath as possible. We recommend that you contact us if you would like an estimate of the step-in level for your bath.
We are not responsible for assessing your personal requirements. All and any advice or suggested benefits of products given is intended as general guidance only and is not a replacement for, or alternative to specialist professional advice and assistance.

Can you install the UDOOR Bathtub door into any type of bathtub?

Yes, we can fit the UDOOR Bathtub door into nearly any bath. The door is completely watertight, so you will be able to use your bathtub for both showering and bathing.

How does the bathtub door open? How do you decide the opening direction and the placement of the door?

The bathtub door always opens inwards. This is a safety feature as water pressure pushes on the surfaces of the bath so an inward opening door means that pressure pushed the door closed (an outward opening door would have water pressure pushing the door open). The water pressure is strong enough to prevent accidental opening of the door. The door is available with a right and left opening direction. We consider the features of your bathroom (i.e. the basin, toilet, use of bathing seat, grab bars etc) to determine the opening direction and placement of the bathtub door.

My bathtub has been re-polished, is this a problem?

We can convert re-polished baths. We protect the surface of the bath in multiple layers during the conversion. Thanks to this special procedure, the surface of the bath will not be damaged, provided that the original enamel layer of the bathtub is in good condition.

Will my tiles be damaged or weakened during the conversion?

The bath and tiles will not be damaged during the conversion, as we protect your bathroom surfaces during the installation.

My bathtub has a plastic/wooden/tiled front panel. Can you still install the UDOOR Bathtub door?

Yes we can. The bathtub door can be fitted without the need of replacing the front panel as long as it is in a good condition. We are able to fit a new panel for you if you do not have a panel or if you would like to replace your existing panel.

How long does the conversion take?

Installation takes between 2-6 hours for most baths. The bathtub can be used the next day, after waiting 24 hours for the strong adhesives used have set.

How noisy is it to convert the bathtub?

We work with electric tools which do cause a certain level of noise during the conversion. We will keep the bathroom door closed during the conversion and do our best to cause as little inconvenience as possible. As conversion only takes one day, it means much less inconvenience than converting the entire bathroom.

What is the bathtub door made of? Where is the bathtub door manufactured?

The material of the bathtub door is of first class material in both functional/technical and aesthetic aspects. It is made of a white artificial ceramic which has a very high level of heat-resistance and will not change shape or warp during hot baths. It is made of UV-stable material, so it will not yellow over time. The bathtub door is manufactured in the European Union. The water-resistant and safety testing is certified by the TÜV Examination Institute.

The drain pipe of the washing machine goes into the bathtub. Is this a problem?

There is no need to remove the drain pipe from the bathtub. The drain from the washing machine will not damage the tub door. We recommend, however, making sure you close the tub door every time you use the washing machine.

How easy is it to open and close the bathtub door?

During the design process of the bathtub door, an important aspect for us was that the door should be easy to use. We wanted to provide a bathtub door which was simple to open and close. If you pull the lock sidewise, the bathtub doors open easily. In order to close the door, simply close the door and door will lock automatically. A red mark indicates if it is closed.

How can I clean the bathtub door?

The door’s surface is smooth and shiny, so it is simple to keep clean. However, we recommend gentle and regular care. For gentle care we recommend a non-abrasive cleaning solution. It is recommended to wipe the door dry after use so you can enjoy the beauty and shine of your bathtub door for many years. We recommend avoiding the use of strong, corrosive, acidic or alkaline, and abrasive cleaning agents as using these for a long time can damage the enamelled bath. Cleaning instructions and guidance is given at the time of installation.

How reliable are your colleagues working on site?

Our philosophy is to provide quality, well organised team work and empathy to each of our customers. Our staff have many years of experience working with vulnerable people. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

How long is the warranty valid for? What guarantees the quality of the work done?

We give 5-year warranty on the bathtub door. This covers the actual door and the installation. The bathtub door was tested at the TÜV Examination Institute for a cycle of 20,000 opening and closing actions. The tests included guaranteeing the sealing properties of the bathtub door. After installing the bathtub door, we will provide you with a user guide and warranty.

I would like to replace my old bath and have a new walk-in bath fitted. Is this possible?

We do not sell or fit baths. The reason being that new bath have a pre-determined location for the bathtub door and a pre-set opening direction. A great advantage of the UDOOR bathtub doors is that the actual placement and opening direction of the bathtub door is selected on site.
If you want to have a bathtub door installed into a new bath, the old bath needs to be removed and the new bath and panel needs to be fully fitted.

My bathtub has a unique or curved shape. Can you still install the door?

The inner part of the UDOOR frame is sculpted on site to match the inner shape of your bath so it will perfectly fit. This means that the UDOOR Bathtub door can be fit into unique or custom made baths as well as store bought baths.

Can you fit a UDOOR into a bath with water jets?

Yes we can. Get in touch with our staff to find out more!

Why is the tub door more useful than a shower?

As we make entry more easy by providing a low entry height, your bathtub can be used as a shower. You won’t lose the functionality of your bathtub, you will be able to use it for bathing as well. This is important, as other members of the family can continue to use the bathtub.

Conversion is done in just a day or two, and you will have ample space in the bathtub to place your seat into it.

If you want to provide help to a relative who has limited mobility or has age-related problems, you can have easy contact with them without getting wet, thanks to the continuity of the bathtub sidewall and proper water drainage.

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