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Do you find it difficult to step in and out of your bathtub? We can convert your existing bathtub! 0208 089 0880
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU Monday-Friday 9:00-6:00pm
+44 (0) 2 08 08 90 880
Company Number: 11197523
VAT Reg. Number: GB291412710

Do not hesitate to contact our Call Centre or send us your questions in writing.


A sense of mission, solidarity and reliability


After an accident in our family, we began to think about ways to make it easier to use the bathtub for those with limited mobility. After years of careful design and hard work, the UDOOR™ tub door was created, which enables easy and safe bathing and self-care.
With several years of experience, we are proud and confident that our tubdoor will provide you or your family with a quality and safe solution.


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