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We are extremely happy with the installation. The installer was most accommodating and mum-in- law felt entirely at ease. My mother-in- law has used the UDOOR Bathtub door in the bath many times since with no issues and it has really helped with her deteriorating mobility
that she can get in and out of the bath safely and remain independent. I have shared your website with friends and colleagues and have highly recommended UDOOR as an cost-efficient alternative to a full refurbishment when creating accessible bathing for people with mild mobility issues.

I love it! It’s really good! Louis, the technician done me a really, really good job. He was lovely and he was very good. I’m so pleased with it and I’m so pleased that I did have it done. I was thinking shall I shan’t I have it done as I’ve only got a little bath anyway, and it would be very expensive to get a new bath, even if you had to have new taps that would be quite expensive. The price just fitted my budget just nice. I’m really, really pleased with it. It was all done on the same day, it’s absolutely just as they said it would be. I’m right pleased with it.

My tub door was installed yesterday.
Thank you for the smooth administration and your polite, accurate, thorough and immaculate work.
The end result is wonderful; my mum is now very delighted to use her nice walk-in bathtub.

The UDOOR tub door and accessories I ordered have arrived and been installed.
We were delighted about your idea, your plans and to have our bathtub transformed this way. We are more than satisfied, so thank you very much. Not to mention the precision and the conscientious installation. Thank you for the positive experience!

I am happy to say that it works great, seals perfectly, not a drop of water spilling outside. We are very grateful to have your advice on the importance of the grab bar and for your having fixed it. We need to step up into our bathtub at a somewhat higher level. We find getting in and out of the bathtub very easy by grabbing it. We showed it to many of our friends. They have never heard of it and they all liked the idea. We will try to take good care of it.

Thank you for your work. I was very pleased with all aspects of your work. Actually, my bathtub has become a “reference” product since then. I told all my friends about it and they keep coming to have a look at it.  I hope I could be a good reference to your product and that you will have more orders in the future. I wish you all the best!

After a long time of testing, I am delighted to write to you and thank you for your work. I would also like to say thank you to your colleague, Andrew! The tub door has proved to be a perfect choice with the least financial investment and without demolishing the entire bathroom. We now enjoy a high-quality, convenient and fully functional bath! Thank you very much for your efforts and give my best regards to your team as well! Your business is kind of exceptional in our money-centred, hectic world, so congratulations! I will be more than happy to provide a good reference to anyone.
Andrew has done a really thorough job and we were really astonished at his expertise. During the installation, your colleague was really nice and had great communication skills. Please give him our best regards!
We wish many successful years to your business and all the best to the entire team!!!

Thank you very much for the professional, accurate work you provided while installing our tub door. After completing the work, your colleague even did a sanitizing cleaning. I would like to say thank you for the marvellous quality and we wish you many years of success. I am happy to recommend everyone to use your services and have the UDOOR bathtub door installed with your company. I wish you many years of success and all the best to the entire team.

I am so happy that I have found your solution and I can enjoy my new bathtub every day. No major demolition of the bathroom was needed,
it is safe for me to get in and out of the bathtub and it looks really nice too.
The team was fair and helpful.

I had my new tub door installed yesterday.
I would like to say thank you to you all.
It is a beautiful design, not to mention the professional attitude in making my quote, all communication, the initial assessment and the actual conversion.
Your colleague worked with such a disciplined, smart and careful manner which I have never seen before.
Thank you for your work, and let me wish you many years of successful and productive business.

Let me express my greatest satisfaction regarding the built-in tub door. Your worker ensured precise, careful work, covering the work area so we could have our bathroom back clean after the work had been completed. I did not regret at all choosing this safe solution.

Dear Mr. Stumpf!
My tub door, which you installed on 26th May 2015, is a great product. It is a prime solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality as well. We were also astonished by the surprisingly high level of your work. I think it is very rare these days to find such quality in our country.

Dear Mr. Stumpf,
I saw your advertisement on the internet in the middle of January and I contacted you to enquire about installing a tub door.
Mr. Stumpf visited us two days later to have the area assessed and the conversion went really quickly. As per the plan, your colleague Andrew arrived in the morning and started the conversion.
He covered everything to protect our bathroom from the dust, he worked with a great level of professionalism,
cleanliness and care. He left our bathroom with no dust. Then he provided detailed information on the use of the tub door. We were more than happy with your work.

Dear Stumpf Family and Colleagues!
Your attitude and work ethic was of the highest quality both during the meeting at my parents’ house as well as your work afterwards.
My parents have been using the new tub door for about 16 months now and they are absolutely happy with it. They have experienced no problems since then whatsoever. They are more than pleased with the tub door and they were really satisfied with your work, your attitude and the end result as well. My mother had pain in her knees, which have now completely gone away. She is sure this is because she does not need to raise and turn her knee and leg when getting in and out of the tub. My father said he feels more secure during self-care. Showering and bathing have become much more convenient and less dangerous. Thanks to the easy and secure entry, pain in their knee joints has reduced significantly.
We have (unfortunately) rarely experienced such a level of politeness, accuracy, and trustworthiness from skilled workers.
The implementation process went as promised, the work was prudent and clean.
Congratulations and thank you for your work.

Dear Tub Door Team!
My new tub door was installed in June 2014.
Your colleague did a great job! Our tub door has worked perfectly since then and it has also been “tested” by our grandchildren! We are completely satisfied with it!
The tub door, the seat and the grab bar is nice and fits well into the style of our bathroom.
Congratulations on your design. It provides a beautiful solution for any bathroom.
It is a great invention, a great help to young or elderly people and to the ill or disabled!
They delivered my bathroom clean and sanitized!
I wish you good health and many years of successful business!

Dear Mr. Stumpf!
Thank you very much for the accurate, precise and nice work which two of your colleagues provided during the installation of the
tub door at our house.

Dear Management Team!
Let me express my gratitude and thanks for your politeness, precise and accurate work and attitude! We would like to thank to Mr. Stumpf for the polite and thorough information during the assessment and for his understanding when we caused delays due to the plumbing works! Thank you for the quick and fair administration. We are more than pleased with the end result.
We would like to sincerely thank your colleague Leslie who was really nice. His work should be set as a standard in the industry! (Nowadays – with just a very few exceptions – we cannot expect this sort of attitude in the service industry.) Your colleague had a very good schedule of the work process, which he seemed to follow very strictly. One can spot his experience. We were astonished at his politeness, cleanliness and precise work. In summary: Thank you very much for the job your company did for us, we wish your family all the best, many successful years of business!

Dear Mr. Ernest Stumpf! Dear Catherine!
Congratulations on your son, Balázs.
He did a great, clean and quick job, and he was really polite, nice and helpful.
It was our pleasure to have him work at our house.
I enjoy using my new bathtub with the built-in door and seat, it is a great help to me with self-care.

Dear Tub Door Team!
We would like to say thank you for installing the UDOOR tub door into our bathtub. It works perfectly for showering as well as for bathing. Thank you for the accurate and precise installation, there are no leaks at the seals. After completing the installing work, they left our bathroom immaculately clean. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to choose an easier way for bathing at a reasonable price.
Entering the bathtub through the door has become safe and easy.

Thank you for your immaculate work. My parents are absolutely delighted with it. I hope there are more employees of this kind in England. Again, thank you for your work.

My new UDOOR tub door was installed a week ago and I have had a great experience so far. I am 70 years old and my legs have been disabled for a very long time. I do not need to climb in and out of my bathtub any more. I just walk in. Conversion took just one day and they returned my bathroom immaculately clean! Previously, I wanted to have a shower built in but I realized it would cost 2-3 times more while conversion takes at least a week. I was so happy to find your advertisement on the internet and I am now really delighted to have ordered it. Thank you very much for your help and your precise and accurate work.

Dear Mr. Stumpf!
Our new tub door was recently installed in Birmingham. We are very happy we have found this solution, as my mother is seriously impaired in her mobility. Self-care has become safe for her now. The door closes perfectly and it is easy to clean.
We recommend it to anyone with limited mobility.

I have had my tub door installed for about a year and it has worked perfectly since then. I am very happy to have found this solution, as being a disabled person getting in and out of the bathtub posed great difficulty and risk of injury. It was actually ready in a day. No cleaning was needed after, as they returned my bathroom perfectly clean.

We would like to thank you for having the UDOOR tub door installed. It works perfectly for showering, as well as for bathing. Thank you for the accurate and precise installation, there are no leaks at the seals. The engineers left our bathroom in an immaculate condition. I recommend it to everyone who wants to have an easy bathing solution at a reasonable price.

Dear Mr. Stumpf! I would like to say thank you for the honest work you have provided whilst installing my tub door. The accurate and precise work you have done with your father during the conversion of my bathroom is hard to find in the service industry. I would sincerely recommend this great solution to anyone: parents with young children or elderly people with limited mobility. This is a unique invention. I wish you all the best and success for your continued work!

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Mr Vibhaker Kishore Baxi 11/05/20

In our new build apartment we were stuck with a bathtub as it was already fitted to allow a change to accommodate the need for my 97 yr old mother. Alternatives required removing bathtub and replace it with a shower tray or a walk in bathtub. Both expensive options and risking voiding builder's warranty. Then I came upon the U-Door option and I must say it has worked out very well at a relatively less outrageous price. They have been proficient in follow up, their engineer seems very professional and finished the job without any fuss.

Terry Day 30/04/20

We had a udoor fitted in our bath. We were very pleased with the service provided the tradesman who fitted the door was very pleasant and professional we have used it for while now and very pleased with it my wife has been able to shower with no problems.

John Gray 30/04/20

First rate product & First rate service. For a person with mobility issues like myself it makes being able to shower easy again. Two options completely remodel the bathroom or fit a UDoor. No contest. Quality, Cost and speed of installation Would recommend to anyone.

Maureen Brett 08/11/19

Louis came last week and fitted our bathtub door He worked very effectively and left no mess. He was very friendly and polite and ran through the necessary forms explaining everything very clearly. He also demonstrated the workings of the door before input. I have to say it looks amazing and is brilliant in its effectiveness. I'm really pleased with it and it already makes my life so much easier. The company itself appears to be very professional and kept me updated on when they would attend and even rang me to see if I would like an earlier installation date following a cancellation as they were aware of my surgery date. Very impressed overall and would highly recommend. Many thanks

Geraldine Wall 17/10/19

A brilliant solution to mobility problems with bathing! Having a Udoor in my bath has given me easy access but kept all the usual shower/bath options for other users. The family firm was easy to contact, pleasant, friendly and efficient and Joseph who did the installation was courteous, kind and very professional. Much more affordable than replacing the bath with a shower, too. I would recommend this solution to mobility issues to anyone- it’s brilliant!

Kenneth Duckwort 26/06/19

This was a remarkable experience. Firstly, Fay was able to arrange the UDOOR installation on an exact date and kept me up to date on procedure. Secondly, Louis arrived on a chosen time and began work immediately and swiftly. I admired his application and the meticulous attention he gave to every aspect of the door installation and the care he gave to “ no mess, no fuss “ method of working. He is a very diligent and talented engineer. Thirdly, Iam extremely satisfied with the door and thank you on behalf of my wife, to whom the UDOOR will be a boon. Ken Duckworth. Rugby.

Ted 02/06/19

No Fear Bath Time My wife Susan had polio when she was a child and has a couple of tumbles getting in and out of the bath. Our experience of dealing with UDoor was first class. Fay was the point of contact and was great to deal with. Louis came to assess the bath and then came a couple of weeks later to fit the UDoor. We've been using the bath a few weeks now and Susan can face taking a bath without the fear of falling. Thanks UDoor.

Anne 09/04/19

The door is really high quality and the man who came and fitted it was really lovely. From start to finish they have been so friendly and professional. I still can't believe that it only took a few hours to do and now I won't ever get trapped in my bath again.

Carole 05/04/19

First class service and first class product, everyone I dealt with was helpful professional and made choosing this company easy. Would definitely recommend choosing them if you are having problems with that big step over the bath.

Julie-anne 16/11/18

My Mother is delighted with her U-door installation. It has transformed her bathing experience and increased her independence, at a fraction of the cost of a new bathroom. The technician was polite, helpful and entirely professional, leaving absolutely no mess or cleaning up to do afterwards. Thank you U-door!