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Do you find it difficult to step in and out of your bathtub? We can convert your existing bathtub! 0208 089 0880
Christmas Holiday

Christmas holiday

We would like to inform you that our office will be closed during the Christmas holiday. We will resume regular business hours on Wednesday, 2 January and will promptly reply to your messages. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

The UDOOR Team


What UDOOR can do for you:

  • Add an alternative entrance to your bath with lower step-in level. UDOOR specialise in installing bathtub doors. The UDOOR bathtub door lowers the threshold of your bath considerably (if you are having trouble getting in and out of your bath you might want to consider a UDOOR bathtub door)
  • Fit grab bars around the bath or shower, these are great if you get tired while standing or need help getting up
  • Add non-slip coating to your bathtub to provide better grip, non-slip mats can sometimes have mould build up if they are not allowed to dry thoroughly
  • Provide you with a bath board which can provide seating under the shower head if you have fatigue while standing

Whether you own your home or not, the bathrooms should be planned for accessibility of all family members and guests who may use it. You can help extend the usefulness of your bathroom by making some small changes. Simple accessories such as grab bars, better shaped handles and anti-slip coating to the bath will greatly help anyone who isn’t as stead on their feet as they use to be. Moreover, as the ageing population increases the changes we make to our homes to benefit older people will have a good resale value.


More importantly, it is not just the homes themselves that are important for older people to maintain our independence but living in a local environment with shops and a friendly community is just as important. Moving into a care home often means moving away from friends, family and a local area which is familiar. At an older age, a sudden change in location could be quite detrimental. This is why it is vitally important for us to plan for our old age and continue to keep our homes a safe place for us to live for as long as possible.

Thanks to the UDOOR bathtub door, you do not have to give up the pleasures of a relaxing bathe, as the waterproof door provides a secure solution. Since the tub door can be installed easily in most bathtubs, no expensive bathroom conversion is needed.
It can be installed quickly, so you can enjoy the comfort of your new, safe walk-in bathtub, typically right from the very next day. With appropriate decisions you can prepare for the future and prevent accidents, so bathing can be safe for every member of the family.

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